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Joey O.    *Five Stars on Amazon*

I just purchased this book recently. I could not put it down! The storyline is amazing, and the characters are so relatable. I love how the author let you experience the story in all three main characters point of you. Reading this book was like an emotional roller coasters exciting, thrilling, and breathtaking. I definitely cannot wait until the sequel comes out!!! Keep them coming!

-My Wife's Desires Book 1

Lizzie *Five Stars on Amazon*

This book was so amazing. I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in less than a week! Loved the story line and characters!!

-My Wife's Desires Book 1

Kindle Customer *Five Stars on Amazon*

Move over lucky 7. Fifteen is the new number. This book is so great. Mila is a girl we can all relate to. Loved the dynamics, dialogue, and story. Stimulating and satisfying all the way

-Searching for a Beast Book 1

Micka#69 *Five Stars on Inkitt

Its so intense instantly hooked and thats what i like about a book.Would so recomment this HOT ASS MAMMA to anyone who love crazy hot eroticas ,espcially to myself.i can so truly relate to this book

-Searching for a Beast Book 1

Payment Method

I love the first book so much. This one seemed much shorter but still good. I can’t wait for the third one! I finished this one in two days.

-My Wife's Desires Book 2

Anxious_book_worm *Five stars on Amazon
Sandy Jay *4 stars on Amazon

The delicate balance of Katie, Nick, and Tyler's relationship is being tested again as they try to find their groove. For each obstacle they faced they went through it as a team and come out better for it which I enjoyed about them. I like how they come together and tried to meet each other either halfway or learned to compromise.

-My Wife's Desires Book 2

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