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Want to help my writing process?

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Beta Readers -help the author with pacing, character development, and point out plot holes before a manuscript is ready for publication.

Alpha Reader-Help with grammar, and other low Maintenace to prepare the final draft.

ARC or Advanced Reader Copy- allows readers to get a copy of an unpublished book before it releases to the general public. In exchange, reader vows to leave a review on preferred sites when the book is published.

PR Boxes: Physical copies of the book, sent out two months before the release date to help promote on social media.(Must haven an online presence. Big and small accounts accepted. And live in the United States.)

*Signing up does not guarantee you a box* 

Become part of the TEAM

Sign ups for the Dark Side Has ended. Thank you for all that participated.
If you would like to be involved in future projects please sign up below. Thank you



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