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Welcome to my page!  

I'm so excited to begin this publishing journey.  I've been writing since I was fifteen and back then the internet wasn't what it is today or I would have been self-publishing years ago.  I actually started out publishing on Fanfiction, Wattpad, and Inkitt.  You can still find me on those sites with old stuff.  

I'm constantly working on different material but it is nearly impossible with three kids and a husband.  Can't miss out on life while I'm trying to make my dreams come true.  Every day is a process.  

Fun Facts about me:

I'm 36 years old with three kids

I got married 7 years ago to the love of my life.  He has supported me through this publishing journey, investing time and money to help me succeed.  

I'm the youngest of four but the awesomest.  My mother died of colon cancer three years ago at the age of 64.  She was the first person to support my writing career, buying me a laptop at fifteen.  

I'm incredibly grateful to everyone that has supported me. My high school Mary was the person to help get me started in my publishing career. Check out her books if you like Insta-Love Novellas. 

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