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Finn can’t stop thinking about his best friend’s wife, Hannah.  When she comes onto him, he doesn’t have the will to deny her even when his best friend’s in the same room.  His most sinful fantasy becomes a reality, and it’s more than he ever dreamed.  When he admits he wants more than a brief one-night stand, Hannah reveals she’s just having fun.  Finn doesn’t mind.  He’ll steal her love ‘one-night-stand’ at a time.     

Warnings: 18+ Friends to Lovers, Cheating, language

Chapter 1

A question Finn never thought he’d ask himself: How to bang his buddy’s wife?  He was nearly thirty and never thought this question would come about.  Finn liked to believe he was a semi-decent person.  He gave the common twenty cents to round to the nearest dollar charity. He wore his mask in public despite thinking it didn’t matter.  And he supported gay rights and BLM despite being straight and white. 

But yet, here he was possibly trying to seduce his best friend’s girl.  

The worst part about it was his best friend, Luis, was a great guy.  Perhaps it was why he got so lucky with a woman like Hannah.  

Hannah was a thirty-five-year-old financial advisor for Bank of America.  She wore these skirts that shaped her round ass.  Black stockings that outlined her thick calves. Blouses that exposed just the tops of her plump breasts. And the heels, the fucking heels that tapped against the tile, forcing everyone to turn and stare at her when she walked.  

Finn always admired her beauty.  He pathetically hoped they’d break up, silently, of course.  Now, five years later, watching them get engaged, then married, buy a house together, he faced the fact that it was a lost cause.  

Until last week.  

They were sitting outside by the fire pit, drinking beer, talking shit like they usually do.  Hannah always hung around because she was cool like that.  One of the guys.  He caught her eye several times simply because he couldn't stop staring at her.  Maybe she caught on. Perhaps she was trying to meet his eye too.  Anytime she spoke to him, it felt like she was flirting. 

The first few times, he convinced himself it was hopeful thinking.  

By the end of the night, everyone was a little drunk.  Luis and the rest were inside playing Nintendo Switch while he stayed out by the fire with her.  They were talking about their childhood.  

“I was a fucking nerd,” he admitted.  “Dragon Ball Z.  Naruto.  Used to collect the shit.”

“I was too!” Hannah squealed, laughing, hiding her face.  “But I wasn’t a nerd.  I was awesome.”

“You’re still awesome,” the compliment slipped out but she didn’t get awkward.

“I know,”  Hannah grinned, standing, stretching.  She wore tummy shirts, exposing her flat stomach. When she walked by him, he subtly admired her ass from afar.  Her short shorts rode up her buttcheeks.  He imaged what it would be like to smack it.  Hannah slightly turned, looking down at him, “And I had a thing for nerds,” she winked, stepping by him. 

Finn sat out there for an hour, trying to decide if she was insinuating something or just making conversation. 

Now a week later, he was positive she wanted him too.  Next time, no matter if it cost him everything, he was going to find out.   



On Saturday, he called Luis to find out what was going on for the weekend and like Finn knew he would, Luis invited him over.  Luis and Hannah had a nice big house with a pool.   Compared to his small ass apartment, it was a freaking mansion.  He had money in the bank to afford his own estate but with no one to share it with, seemed like a waste of money.  He was sure Luis and Hannah felt bad for him being unable to find a woman to share his life with.  But, they were always glad to have him over. 

Guilt was a motherfucker. 

But it didn’t stop him from throwing on his swimming shorts and rushing over. 

It’s not like he hadn’t met some nice girls over the years. And some naughty ones too. There were some that lasted more than a week and others that couldn’t last a night.  In college being dominately aggressive in bed wasn’t a bad thing but with older women, they want romance, loving touches, and sensual shit.  Maybe with a wife, he’d have no problem rubbing feet and watching rom-coms.  But meeting up at a bar and coming home with a random man, they should be ready for up-against-the-wall, hand-cuffs, and hours of fucking. 

Luis and Hannah were already sitting by the pool when he got there.  Finn dropped his keys on the patio table, took a beer out of the cooler, and walked up between their lounge chairs. He smacked hands with Luis, fist-bumped Hannah, “No party tonight?”  He kept his eyes on Luis, despite the desire to peek at all of Hannah’s goodies.  She wore a hot pink two-piece that screamed for attention. 

“No.  I’m getting a beer gut.”

“Work out with me.”  Finn lifted up his tank, exposing his abs, “I’ll get you looking like that.”

Hannah whistled, “Yes, please.”

Finn proudly took off his shirt to expose all his muscles.  Hannah didn’t hide her appreciation, her eyes looking him over with an approving smile. 

“Skinny ass.” Luis snorted, “Don’t you eat?”

“Seventeen hundred calories.  No drive-thru.”

Hannah pointed at Finn, “That’s what I’ve been telling you.”

“I already got you to marry me.  What do I need to look good for?” He stood and took off his shirt.  A chubby gut but not entirely out of shape.  Luis stood beside Finn, “Who’s the better-looking one?”

Hannah cackled, grabbing the suntan lotion and tossing it at him, “Shut up and put sunscreen on me.” 

Luis sat beside her, kissing her.  

Finn took a seat in the vacant lounge chair, staring at the pool, envious of lips he may never get to touch. 

“I’m sexier, right?” Luis murmured into her skin, nibbling at her neck.

“Of course, baby.” 

Luis’s cell phone rang, and he broke away quickly, “I got to take this, I’ll be back.” 

Finn watched Luis dodge into the house.  He glanced at Hannah, who stared after him.  Luis was an architect, and it took up a chunk of his time. But he felt the emptiness Luis left behind.  Finn kept quiet, unsure what to say.  

Until there was a tap on his arm.  

Hannah held out the lotion.  “Can you do my back?”

He stuttered as he reached for it but eventually got out a squealed, “Sure.” 

Hannah rolled on her back, and his eyes went right to her ass.  The bathing suit barely covered a third of her ass cheeks.  She did squats; there was no question.  Her butt was sculptured like a marble statue—Round, firm, and perfect for a beautiful sounding slap. 

This was his chance.  Handed to him on a fucking silver platter.  He was taking in.  The pounding of his heart wouldn’t stop him.  His adrenaline spiked, his palms were sweating, his fingers were shaking.  

He stood over her with the lotion in his hands.  He imagined what it would feel like to jerk off on her ass.  His cock was getting harder with each passing second. Finn looked toward the house, searching for Luis.  The dumb fuck didn’t know what he was doing, leaving his gorgeous wife alone with him. 

Finn sat beside her, squirting the lotion into his hands.  He rubbed them slowly, trying to calm down.  He felt like a fucking virgin, full of excitement and hesitation.  In all honesty, this was new to him.  He’s never tried to seduce a woman before, especially one already taken.  Women at bars are ready to fuck.  They don’t take much work.   But Hannah was worth so much effort. 

“I’m back!” Luis announced happily, bouncing down the stairs.  “No more phone calls, I promise.” He smiled at Finn, “She tried to recruit you, huh?  I got it.”

Finn stood, smoothly rubbing the lotion on his arms, “She’s all yours.”  He sat down, cursing, chugging the can of beer till it was empty and crunched in his fist. 


Chapter 2


It was a missed opportunity, and for hours afterward, it felt like Finn would never get his chance again.  There were brief moments where he felt Hannah looking at him.  A glint in her eye that could be desire or just the light from the fire.  Being around her was naturally fun.  He loved making her laugh.  Most of his jokes were for her benefit.  But it was stupid to pursue her.  She loved Luis.  She may find him attractive, but it didn’t mean she was willing to risk her marriage.  Despite wanting to fuck her, he had no intention of taking her from Luis.  It was lust.  

After tonight, he vowed, he wouldn’t come back till he could handle being around her without a boner.  

They sat on the couch in the basement to watch a movie on their projection screen.  Hannah laid between them, her head on Luis’ lap. For the first half of the film, her legs were tucked up into her body, a blanket over them, but now, she stretched out, resting them on Finn’s lap.  It was situations like this that were common that led to his overthinking.  If she didn’t want him, why put him in awkward situations like this?

First, he struggled to put his hands somewhere.  He put one up on the back end of the couch, the other on the armrest.  His heart was pounding again because ideas were forming.  Sinful, dirty thoughts that were guaranteed to make his dick hard.  She’d feel it, under her calves.  There would be no hiding it. 

It was an inevitability when he felt his boner rise.  He thought about getting up and leaving but this was a chance for him to show her how he feels without having to say a goddamn word.  He put a hand over his mouth to hide his panic.  Hannah felt it now.  He had a big dick; it would feel like a brick between his legs.  

What would she do?  

Her legs shifted. 

Rubbing him. 

He closed his eyes, first believing it was an accident or his imagination.  

Then she did it again, bending her legs, so her feet were at his crotch.  Finn kept that hand wrapped around his mouth.  There was no doubt about it now, she was playing his dick.  One foot caressed his length while the other toed his balls.  

Finn swallowed hard.  A hand dove under the blanket, gripping Hannah’s foot, pressing her harder against his length.  He was too horny to go slow, or careful.  The excitement made him shiver. 

Finn shifted as he slid his hand into his swim shorts, grabbed his cock, and brought it out.  Thankfully the blanket laid over him.  Her bent knees blocked a lot of movement from Luis.  Her foot braced against his cock, willingly and eagerly.  Up and down like she was painting with her toes.  Her big toe played with the tip, smearing precum.  

Finn’s hand rode along the underside of her smooth leg.  His fingertips traveled along her thigh.  He was nearly hyperventilating.  Any moment Luis could find out what they were doing.  But that made the temptation thick.  He could taste it on his lips. 

Finn flattened his hand on her thigh so his thumb could touch her.  Hannah’s panties were silky but wet.  Just like his desire was no longer hidden, neither was hers.  She was hoping for this moment just as much as he was.  

He pressed his thumb against the fabric, right where her clit should be.  Up and down, he stroked, feeling a slight, suppressed buck.  

Luis looked down at her.   All their movements ceased.  “You cold?”

“Mhm.” She shook her head.  

He leaned over, kissing her lips, “Your nipples tell me otherwise.” He smiled as he pinched her nipple through her shirt.  

Hannah slapped him, cackling, “Stop, your friend’s here.”

“He can’t see.”

“Don’t.” She hissed, pushing his hand away.   

“Okay, okay.”  Luis looked at Finn with a roll of his eyes. 

Finn continued his movement with his thumb as he looked Luis right in the eyes.  There was something powerful about fingering his wife without him knowing.  An addicting spark.  He wanted to see just how far he could take it.  

Her hand was on his.  Their fingers for a moment, twirling, greeting each other as they kept their eyes on the TV.  They finally had a chance to show what they’ve been hiding.  In the dark, under the covers, it was overwhelming. 

Finn kept his hand on top of hers, feeling as she pulled her panties to the side.  His pointer finger followed the line of her pussy lips.  It got wetter the closer he got to her entrance.  He slipped it in.  Her body shifted, and a soft sigh escaped her.  He was slow, moving in and out.  Liquid soaked his finger.  He wondered what it would taste like.  Her legs parted further, one resting high on the back of the couch.  Finn twisted his hand, his palm now facing upward.  He slid another finger inside, and his thumb pressed on her clit.  His fingers dug in deep, to the knuckle, and he wiggled the tips of his fingers up against her womb.  

Hannah flexed again, and Luis looked down at her, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just uncomfortable.”

“Then sit up.”

“I’m fine, I’m fine.  Could you get me some water?”

With a roll of his eyes, Luis stood up, “Need anything, bro?”

Finn shook his head.  

“We need to buy a fridge for down here,” Luis grumbled, climbing the steps.  

The moment he disappeared, Finn stood over her with his cock out.  Their eyes connected, words unspoken, the lust apparent.  He leaned down and kissed her.  She gripped the back of his head, her tongue very eager to caress his. He pumped his fingers into her pussy.  It squished with each thrust.  He ripped his fingers out and broke from her mouth.  She watched with wild fascination as he sucked on those same fingers, groaning as the delicious taste drowned his senses.  

Hannah gripped his cock, her mouth open.  

Footsteps fastened toward the steps, and they broke apart.  Finn dived back for his spot, covering himself with the blanket as she did the same.  They were still and silent when Luis came back downstairs with a bottle of water.  

Finn was dying.  His cock was so fucking hard it was painful.  He needed relief but didn’t dare touch it.  He folded a knee to his chest to hide his erection.  He could barely contain his breathing.  It was only a matter of time before Luis noticed.  

“Anybody hungry?” Hannah wondered as she sat up.  “Kind of want a snack.”

“I’ll take a sandwich,” Luis said. 

“What about you, Finn?”

He couldn’t look at her. “I’m good.” Finn watched her go up the steps, wondering what she was thinking.  Should he find a way to follow her?  What could he say?  There was a bathroom down here. 

“I think I’m gonna head out.”

“Alright, man.” They smacked hands before Finn rounded the couch so he wouldn’t have to go in front of the TV with a raging boner.  He rushed up the stairs.


Chapter 3


Hannah was making a sandwich on the counter.  It almost seemed unreal, their hidden touches.  For a moment, Finn wondered if it had only been a fantasy.  Did he fall asleep on the couch and have all his desires unfold?  But no matter how good his imagination, there was one thing that was clear.  The smell of her pussy on his fingers.  He ran his tongue along his lips, the taste of her still so potent.  

It was real.  Finn wasn’t going to let this chance slip by him.  

Hannah was so sexy in her long shirt.  It covered the best parts of her.  These were the parts he never got to feel before and now, there was hope.  

Finn came up behind her, his hands on her arms as he kissed the side of her neck.  His erection pressed into her.  There were so many things he wanted to say, to ask.  He wondered what she felt about him.  If she’s been feeling the same things he has.  But in the back of his head, he worried she didn’t understand what she was doing.  She was cheating on Luis and their future wasn’t going to be pleasant, despite the pleasures.  

“It’s not nice playing games.”

“Who’s playing?” She replied, arching her back, pushing her ass further into him.  

Finn cupped her breasts then, squeezing them like he thought about doing for months now.  His thumb and forefinger pinched her hard nipples through her shirt, and he groaned into her skin, “I could cum right now.” 

“Not yet.” She whispered back. 

“Why?” He desperately groaned in her skin, “What are you going to do about it?”

He slid a hand down her stomach.  He slowly gathered up her shirt till it revealed the rim of her panties and then he slipped his hand inside.  Her shaved pussy was like a welcome mat.  He pressed his finger against her clit.  A gasp released from her lips, and she dropped her hands on the table.  She shifted her legs, spreading wider, and he buried two fingers into her.  

Finn gripped her jaw, forcing her to turn her head to look at him.  The pleasure in her face caused another wave of pleasure through him.  He stuck out his tongue, and she met it with her own.  “I want to fuck you right now.”

“Wait till he goes to bed.”

He wiggled his fingers around like bait on a hook.  Her strained breath was against his lips.  “I’m not waiting that long.” He dropped to his knees behind her.  He gripped her bathing suit, pulling it away to expose her asshole and pussy.  It was clean-shaven and tanned, just like the rest of her.  Why had he never found her sunbathing naked?  What a wonderful sight that would have been.  

He buried his face between her cheeks, his tongue stretching between her pussy lips.  He lapped up all her juices and even dragged his tongue up to her puckered entrance, testing the waters, unsure if she was into anal.  But when she reached behind her to pull her ass cheeks further apart, it answered his question.  He pushed his tongue into her hole, listening to her pleasurable, erratic breathing.  He squeezed her buttcheeks, dying to slap it.  The sound would make him cum in an instant.  He rubbed himself through his shorts, feeling the wetness from his precum. 

“Wait wait wait.” She panted, pushing him back, fixing her bathing suit.  He stood, kissing her.  “Later, later,”  Hannah whispered against his lips. 

“I told him I was leaving.” 

She thought for a moment before she put a hand up, “Wait here.” She took the sandwich and a bag of chips before going back down the stairs.  Finn leaned against the counter, uncomfortable from his hard dick.  His heart was pounding from adrenaline.  He gripped his dick to stop cumming. 

When footsteps sounded again, Finn turned around, just in case it was Luis.  He watched her come up the steps.  She very gently shut the door and then tiptoed away from it, grabbing his hand.  “I told him I was going to bed,” Hannah admitted.  She directed him outside, and the moment the sliding glass door shut, Finn whipped her around and kissed her.  

“Oh fuck,” He moaned against her lips.  “I’ve wanted to fuck you for months.”

“Me too.” She panted back.  His hands dove in her hair, down her back, gripping her ass.  He slapped her then for the first time, and it was exactly what he imagined. 

“What about your neighbors?”

“It’s too dark; they can’t see us.”

Finn needed no other permission; he pushed her down to her knees as he reached into his pants and pulled out his cock.  

Hannah gripped it with eyes full of amazement and desire.  He tried not to smile, but he knew that look.  His size was pornstar material.  Her tongue splashed over his tip, tasting precum.  She licked her lips as she looked up at him before taking him into her mouth.  The image was better than anything he could have imagined.  He held the back of her head, her hair in a ball in his hand as he guided her in a steady rhythm.  But it wasn’t long.  

“Ahh fuck, I’m cumming.”  Her hands went to his thighs to pull away, but he forced her to stay, “Swallow it.” He ordered. He kept her head still and fucked her face till his climax hit.  He cursed and panted, jerking into her mouth, feeling the muscles of her throat as she swallowed all his cum. 

He released her then, his knees nearly weak.  He held himself up on the side of the house.  

Hannah got up, wiping her mouth, “I haven’t swallowed cum in years.”  She admitted.  “You better not be done.”

“Done?  I’m fucking harder than I was.”  Finn pushed his hard dick back in his shorts.  They both unconsciously looked back inside.  The door to the basement was still shut.  He pulled Hannah to him, kissing her. “We got to be careful.” He pressed her back against the wall, his hands on her hips.  “Try to keep from screaming.”

“You think you can make me scream?”   

Finn didn’t bother answering.  She’d find out soon enough. 


Chapter 4


Finn kissed along her neck, over her collarbone, to the tops of her breasts.  Even in the dark, he could make out the tips of her nipples, pressing against the fabric of her suit.  He wanted to admire them, take a picture of them, the perfection that they were.  He gently bit her nipple through the cloth, loving the sharp intake of breath.  He went back to her neck, teasing her ear, “Does he eat your pussy?”


“Does he make you cum?”


Finn smirked into her skin.  Now he knew why she was out here.  “Does he fuck you in the ass?”


Another strike against him.  But it gave Finn an edge.  “Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?”

She was silent.  Finn leaned back, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back.  Her mouth dropped open. 

“Answer me.”


He released her, kissing her lips, apologizing for getting rough. “I’ll save that for last.”  Finn dotted kisses along her skin till he was back at her nipple.  His tongue pressed into the hard nub.  Her back arched, and her nails dug into his skin just from the simple stimulation.  He couldn’t imagine how she’s going to be when his dick is all the way inside her.  He was dying to find out. 

Lowering to his knees, he kissed each thigh, looking up at her as he pulled her bathing suit aside.  She watched with desperation in her eyes.  He eyed her pussy lips, the beautiful shaved rose petals that they were.  His tongue stretched out over her clit, and her body jolted like an electric shock.  He kissed her vagina.  Soft little touches.  He kissed her thighs.  His tongue followed the path downward, closer and yet so far.  She gripped his hair, pushing him into her pussy.  

His tongue boldly lapped her up like dripping chocolate.  Hannah gasped, bucking. 

Finn chuckled, loving how needy she was.  Burying his nose into her soft folds, he got to work.  His tongue danced like a figure skater against her pussy.  Twists and turns, figure eights and loops. Her juices slathered all over his face.  It was a feast fit for a king.  He put one of her legs upon his shoulder, getting his tongue deeper as he tongued her from the inside.  But he noticed her absolute pleasure was right on her clit, and he pulled out just to play with the nub.  Her hold got tighter and soft, breathless whisper, “Keep going.  I’m cumming” was all he needed to increase his dedication, concentrating solely on her clit, the main attraction.  His tongue rolled like a 20 ft wave in Hawaii, and when she crashed, it was violent and powerful. She shuttered, clamping her legs around his head.

He stood up, admiring her satisfaction as she rested back against the house, barely keeping her legs under her.    

“Oh fuck.” She panted, smiling.  She looked at him,  “How do you eat pussy so well?”

“Practice.” Finn pulled his dick out of his pants before he grabbed her by the thighs, lifting her.  She wrapped her legs around his waist with his dick pressed up between them. “You ready for me?”  He kissed her, playing with her tongue like he played with her clit.  He walked them to the chair she sat on earlier.  Who knew only hours later he’d be fucking her on it. 

“Not here.  Luis can see if he looks out the window.” 

He searched for another place, but the only thing available was down the deck stairs and on the grass.  Finn walked down the steps, sitting on the last one, keeping her straddled on his lap.  He pulled her bathing suit down from her breasts, finally letting her beautiful tits out to the cool air.  Finn sucked on one, her back arched as all her nerve endings tingled.  She gripped his hair, keeping him there while his tongue flickered over her hard nipple.  

“Please.” She begged.  It didn’t sway him.  He had another breast to taste.  

As he busied himself with her tit, his hand dipped inside her panty. His middle finger slid down her ass crack.  It was a tease, just to see how she would react.  Her breath picked up the closer he got to her back entrance.  She was desperate for anal.  It was stupid that Luis failed to please her in all her wants.  

“I didn’t bring a condom.”

“I don’t care.” Hannah grabbed his cock, tired of waiting for him.   She rubbed his tip against her wet bathing suit, playing with clit over the fabric, easing some of the pressure.  “I want you in me.” She murmured. 

It was the words he was waiting for.    

Finn leaned back on the step, and though the step behind him dug into his back, he didn’t care.  He grabbed ahold of his dick as she leaned up on her knees, pulling aside her bathing suit.  With his tip right at her entrance, she lowered, her eyes on him and his eyes on her watching every expression on her face as she was filled with his dick.  Her mouth fell open and a struggled breath escaped.  She sat on him, with him fully inside her.  

“Beautiful fucking pussy.” He whispered into her lips.  “Now ride me.” 

She gently swayed her hips with her hands on his shoulders, feeling his cock rotate against her ovaries.  He gripped her ass, slapping it once and then again, gritting his teeth.  He wanted her faster, harder, but he knew he needed to go slow.  He didn’t want to fuck her like a slut.  He wanted to fuck her like he had all the time in the world to dedicate to her vagina.  He wanted her to cum so many times, and going at it at full speed would wear her out too quickly. So for now, Finn let her set the pace. 

Hannah increased her speed, little by little.  First, she swayed back and forth, and now she bounced on his cock, making her titties flop.  When her knees began to hurt, she put her feet on the floor.  The position got deeper, and so did the pleasure.  She was opening up, taking all of his cock into her dripping cavern.  She came with her nails digging into his shoulders.  

Finn watched her, amazed by her, hypnotized by her pleasure.  She was so eager for cock, he hadn’t even pulled out any tricks.  His fingertip glided down her back as she rested against his shoulder.  He waited too long for this, for her, and now he didn’t want to end it.  He put no thought into her husband, who could interrupt them at any minute.  They were in their own little bubble, and there was no popping it. 

When she started moving again, Finn dug his fingers into her hair, kissing her.  He was done going slow.  She was ready to take him. 

“Go lay in the grass.”  He smacked her.  

Hannah got off, clinging to the railing.  She hadn’t been prepared for her legs to be weak from the workout.  She dropped to her hands and knees, looking back at him, a silent request. 

Finn took off his shirt and pulled off his pants.  He knew what she wanted, but they weren’t there yet.  He dropped to his knees behind her but pushed her to her side, rolling her on her back.  His fingers hooked into her panties and pulled them off her legs. She let them fall open, spread wide.  The sight of her lying before him nearly naked was only in his sinful fantasies.  It was a surreal moment that he committed to memory.  He pushed her knees up to her chest with a hand under each knee, so her pussy was fully exposed.  He licked her; her juices got over his face like watermelon pizzas.  He slipped his tongue lower till he was teasing her asshole and her moans got loud and careless. 

Finn had to stop before she woke the neighbors, but he worried about how much noise she would make when he’s pounding her.  He lined up his cock, “Be quiet.”

“I’m trying.”

He smirked in the dark. Then, as slow as he could, he slipped into her.  

“Oh god.” She whimpered.  

Finn kept sinking till he was encased entirely inside her.  He slapped her thigh, “How’s that dick?” 


He knew that but having her say it made him feel like a king.  

He thrust once, and her gasp was music to his ears.  He dropped her legs, and she wrapped them around his waist as he lowered, laying on her, kissing her.  He fucked her fast and crazily, their slapping skin like clapping.  He covered her mouth, trying to stop her screams.  It took only minutes for her to reach her third orgasm. “Cum.” He ordered. “Cum.”

Hannah gave in, her head thrown back, her mouth wide, and his fingers in her mouth.  

Finn panted, leaning back on his knees.  What position did he want to fuck her in now?  

The kitchen light flicked on.  

Chapter 5

Finn and Hannah looked up the stairs.  Light poured out onto the deck.  They detached from each other.  “Where’s my suit?” 

Finn struggled to find them in his panic. 

“Shit.  I told him I was going to bed.” Hannah peaked up on the steps.  “Stay here.” She climbed the stairs.  Finn stayed back, moving around the deck.  He watched her remove the last of her bikini and slip into the pool.  A minute later, Luis stuck his head out, “Hannah, you out here?”

“Yeah, babe, I’m here.”

Luis exited, looking down at her in the water.  The light from the kitchen shined on her, “Skinny dipping again?”

“You know I like it.”

“Want me to join you.”

“Aren’t you tired? You’ve been up since 3 in the morning.”

“Yeah.  I was about to go to bed.  But a swim sounds good.”  Luis pushed his pants down and stepped out of them, rubbing on his dick and balls.  He dived in.  Hannah looked to the steps, searching for Finn in a slight panic.  She found his eyes through the wooden planks.  

Maybe Finn could help.  He could pretend he forgot his phone or wallet.  He could say his car didn’t start.  So many excuses popped into his head, but he wanted to see what she would do.  He wanted to see how much she resisted.  But maybe, a small, secret part of him wondered what it would be like to watch her get fucked.  

Luis swam to her, wrapping her up, kissing her, “You’re so gorgeous.”

“Luis, stop.”

“Why?  Come on, baby.”  he kissed her cheeks, her chin.  “We haven’t done it in a while.”

“Who’s fault is that?”

“I know you don’t like how much I work.”

“Or who you work with.” She bitterly responded, resting her hands on his shoulders. 

Finn knew exactly who she was talking about.  His secretary was a college intern and ridiculously sexy.  But eleven years younger.  Luis wasn’t discreet on her attractive qualities and though he was adamant about never screwing around with a younger woman, it was a problem for Hannah.       

Luis nibbled on her ear, “You jealous?  No woman has what you got.  Come on.  You feel me?  You like what you feel?”  

Finn gripped the deck in front of him.  He was jealous and yet curious to watch Hannah get fucked by her husband.  Would she enjoy him as much as she was enjoying Finn?  

“I’m on my period.”

“I don’t care.”

“It hurts.”

Luis sighed, resting his forehead on her shoulder, “Alright.”

Hannah rested her head on his shoulder, “Now I feel guilty.” 

“Don’t worry about it.” He detached somewhat harshly, “I’m gonna take a shower and go to bed.” 

Hannah watched him go into the house, leaning over the pool, resting her head in her hands.  Finn hated it.  She said she felt guilty.  He was damn sure not a mistake, and he was going to make her say it.  

When Luis shut off the light to the kitchen, Finn climbed the steps.  He was naked, with a hard-on, and he stood in front of her, blocking her view of the house.  She stood up, her breasts out of the water, glistening in the moonlight.  He sat down before sinking into the water.  He approached her slowly, watching as the sadness faded and turned into desire.  He was an inch away from her.  Every breath she inhaled, her hard nipples nearly touched his chest.  Just standing here, she was overcome with want.  He loved the power he had over her. 

Finn gripped her hips and lifted her up on the edge of the pool.  He stepped between her legs.  Every place Luis had touched, Finn touched, replacing his fingers with his own.  He held her heavy breast in his hand, his thumb brushing over her nipple as they made out.  

“Next time.” He whispered into her, “Let him.”

She mischievously grinned, “Let him fuck me.  You want to watch?”

“Maybe I do.”

“Why should I?”

“I want him to taste my cum in your mouth.”

She cackled into his lips, “You’re evil.”

Finn stuck out his tongue, meeting her own.  They teased each other.  “It doesn’t turn you on?  Being fucked without him knowing?”

“Maybe a little.” 

“That’s why you’re so fucking horny, isn’t it?” Finn twirled her tongue with his, “Admit it.”

“Yes.” She replied breathlessly.

“Bad girl.” He forcefully turned her so her belly was on the ground and her legs dangled in the water.  It exposed her round ass.  A hand traveled down, cupping the plump piece of meat before he slapped it.  It was a gentle slap, a warning.  Finn pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her beautiful asshole to his view.  She was ready, he knew, to be fucked in the ass, but the question was, could her ass handle what he had in store?  How long had it been since she’s had a dick in her back door?  How much could she take? Finn lowered his face to press his tongue against it.  He rotated around the rim before pressing the tip inside.  “Ah, fuck,” She cried, slapping the cement.  That’s when he slapped her hard.  Her body jerked, but she arched her back, sticking her ass in the air, begging for another hit.  

He bit the back of her thigh, “You think you can take me?”

“Not too deep.  I use a vibrator sometimes.”

“Videotape it.  Send it to me.”

“Send you a video of me masturbating?”

He slapped her again.  “Yes.”

“Why didn’t I know you were so perverted?”

Finn stuck two fingers into her pussy.  She gasped and moaned.  He fucked her with them brutally, making her ass jiggle with the movement.  But it was only build-up.  When her breathing stalled, he removed his fingers, rubbed them against her anus, and then slipped his middle finger inside.  He rotated his finger as he pulled it in and out.  Her moans were purely animalistic, unrestrained, and getting louder by the second.  He wasn’t sure he could fuck her if she was going to be so noisy.  Especially outside, it felt like her voice echoed. 

Finn pulled out, rubbing her back, “Let’s go to the basement.” 

“Inside?” She panted, nearly exhausted. 

“You’re too loud.”

“Luis might hear us.

“Out here, he definitely will, along with all your neighbors.”

Hannah surrendered, falling back in the water one last time before swimming to the steps.  Finn went and grabbed all their clothes before he followed her in.  They tiptoed, full of excitement, hiding from the monster upstairs.  Finn made sure to shut the door, but there was no way to block it; it locked from the other side.  He dropped the clothes on the floor before he snatched her arm, spinning her around and holding her face as they made out again.  Her breasts were flush against his chest.  He imagined what it would be like to have her for the rest of his life.  He couldn’t think of a better dream.  Could he convince her to leave Luis for him?  Was that even in the cards?  

Maybe someday.  But right now, the only thing he wanted was to fuck her in the ass. 

Finn pulled her behind the couch, laying her down on the floor as he kneeled above her, kissing her breasts, stomach, and legs.  He worshiped her body the way it deserved.  How could Luis take her for granted?  Didn’t he realize the goddess he managed to ensnare?  

Finn wouldn’t make that mistake.  He devoted all his attention to every part of her.  

Finn laid behind her now as she propped up on her side.  He held her leg up to get his dick wet with her pussy.  He fucked her gently, his fingers rotating around her clit.  He didn’t want to stop, but he couldn’t leave here tonight without sticking his cock in Hannah’s ass at least once. 

Finn pushed her on her belly as he got up on his knees between her legs.  He spat on her asshole, rubbing the salvia into her entrance.  He spat on his dick for the extra lubrication.  Then he pressed his mushroom tip against her asshole.  He smacked her a few times, working the muscles of her ass, getting her to relax.  The moment he noticed her muscles unclench, he pushed in.  

She fisted the carpet, wide mouth with eyes squeezed tight.  

“Fuck.” He groaned,  “You alright?”

She could barely not her head. 

Finn rocked his hips softly, testing it. 

“Oh god.” Came her deep guttural moan. 

He smiled, relieved. It was only the tip, but the grip around him told him she couldn’t take it deeper yet.  But they had all night to work it.  And if not tonight, then next time, till he could bury his dick into her asshole like a whore.

Finn rocked back and forth, popping his dick in and out, right on the rim of her asshole where most of her pleasure stemmed from.  He loved her noisy panting, the whispers of ‘oh god’ and the hissing ‘yes’.  Just her voice alone would have been enough for him.  

When he felt his orgasm approaching, Finn pulled out, leaning back on his heels.  Hannah twisted her body so she could see him, her head on the floor too exhausted to move.  “Cum in me.”

“You sure?”

“I’m on birth control.”

“Thought we could go a little longer.”

“I got to get to bed, or Luis is gonna come looking for me.”

“What about next time?”

“You think there will be a next time?”

Finn smacked her ass, squeezing the fat.  He bit his lip, watching her face.  “Many fucking times.”

“I’ve never done this.”

“Me either.”

“Is it bad that I don’t feel guilty?”

“You told Luis you did.”

“I also told him I was on my period.” She wickedly smiled.  “Do you feel guilty?”

Finn pushed her hip and rolled her over.  With her legs spread, he shoved his cock into her pussy and laid on her.  He met her lips, kissing her, tonguing her.  He pounded the fuck out of her, hard, fast, at a crazy speed that seemed humanly impossible.  She cried out as she came.  Finn groaned into her neck, cumming deep inside her.  He jerked once, twice before he nearly collapsed from exhaustion, panting.  He held himself on his elbow, just resting halfway on her.  His dick kept buried in her warmth.  He kissed her cheek and then her lips.  “How can I feel guilty when I’ve been dreaming about this moment?  But I want more.”

“Me too.”

“No, I mean,” He kissed her ear, “Come home with me.”

“Finn.” When she pushed against his chest, he knew it was a lost cause, but he had to try.  She used a blanket to stop the flow of cum that leaked out of her.  He laid on the floor, trying to get his energy back. He’d love to sleep right here.  Finn was spread eagle with his flaccid dick laying on his thigh and Hannah’s dried fluids on his cock. 

Imagine Luis’ look.  

Poor guy.  

Finn felt bad, not because he fucked Hannah but because the dumbass had no fucking clue. 

Hannah tossed his clothes on him.  “Come on, you got to go.”

He sat up and looked at her.  Why was he surprised?  What woman would cheat on her husband while he was in the house?  She was a cold-hearted bitch, but for some reason, that didn’t bother him.  He’d tame her.  He’d know to keep her on a tight leash.  

Finn stood, and when she went to walk away, he grabbed her arm, pulling her against him.  She tried to fight, but he grabbed her other hand and held it behind her back.  “Watch who you talk to.  I just got done fucking your ass.  Don’t you shove me out like your teenage boyfriend when your parents come home.  I’ll leave when I’m good and ready.”  

The look on her face said it all.  She wanted more.  

Finn spun her around and bent her over the couch.  He pulled her panties down to her knees, and then he shoved his dick in her.  He was barely hard enough, and his dick bent, but he shoved it in any way.  A few good thrusts, and he was rock solid again, diving deep into her pussy.  He gripped her hair, pulling her up.  He held her by the neck, “You gonna behave now?”

Speechless, she nodded, submitting.  Finn released her, and she gripped the couch cushions, burying her face into the fabric to hide her loud, unfiltered moans.  He slapped her with every thrust till she came.  

He pulled out, “Get on your knees.” 

She collapsed on the floor.  With her mouth open, he jerked himself off.  He cursed and huffed as he came, squirting on her face and breasts.  His legs shook, and he caught himself on the couch.  When Hannah went to get up, he stopped her.  He ran a finger down her neck, scooping up his cum on his finger, and held it in front of her face.  

Hannah shook her head, turning, but he gripped her chin.  

“Do it.” He ordered. “Or I’ll wipe it on the couch.  Think Luis won’t notice a big fucking cum stain he didn’t do himself?”

Hannah was hesitant, but she opened her mouth.  He shoved it in, watching her.  No matter how she protested, she loved it.  Her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked.  “Good girl.” He walked away, snatching up his clothes.  She cleaned off with the blanket again and then promptly stuffed it into the washing machine.  She can hide it all she wants.  The better they get at hiding it, the longer they can go on fucking.  

Finn caught her before she went upstairs.  He slipped his fingers through her hair.  She leaned in and kissed him.  

Hannah gripped his shirt, looking up at him, “We’re just having fun, right?”

“Why are you doing this?”


“Don’t you love him?”


“Then why are you doing this?”

“Does it matter?”

“I wouldn’t ask if it didn’t.”

“I don’t know.” 

Finn didn’t like that answer.  It meant at any moment she could change her mind.  He kissed her then, with passion, with all the desire he felt.  He had more to give her then Luis.  If he had to fight for her, then he was going to give it his all.  “Until next time.” He panted against her lips.  Her cheeks were red, her eyes full of excitement.  He left her like that, wanting more.  It wouldn’t be too hard, he realized, stealing her love.  But it would be a whole lot of fucking fun. 

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