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My Wife's Desires: Book 1

My Wife's (1).jpg

 Katie has desires she can no longer ignore.  When she asks her husband for a threesome, his answer is more than she could hope for

My Wife's Desires: Book 3

My Wife's Desires Book 3

As their relationship becomes more public, Katie, Nick, and Tyler face obstacles they never thought they'd experience while exploring the life of polyship

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My Wife's (1).jpg

An erotic mmf love story that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and leave you wanting more.

My Wife's Desires: Book 2

My Wife's Desires Book 2

Katie, Nick, and Tyler begin the journey of a polyamorous relationship.  Will it be too much for them to handle?

My Wife's Desires: Book 4

My Wife's Desires Book 4

Katie, Nick, and Tyler are having a baby!  But when something tragic happens, will they lose all that they have struggled to obtain?

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